Will There Be A Missing: Dead or Alive Season 2?

When the four-episode Netflix limited series Missing: Dead or Alive was released in 2023, the demand for additional true crime material in an original way peaked.

The series received some early criticism from viewers who expressed concerns about the fly-on-the-wall style of the show and may still do so. These viewers questioned the show’s authenticity and implied that part of the action may have been planned, rehearsed, or scripted.

The incidents themselves were without a doubt real, however, it appears that the show’s actual presentation was viewed as being staged.

The team of detectives and their everyday problems in light of the cases they have to solve were also prominent themes in the show.

As we learn about the emotional agony that the primary ensemble is through, inner monologues and soul-searching monologues were a part of the show’s makeup, giving it an almost melodramatic tone that some would find perplexing in the true crime genre.

Will There Be A Missing: Dead or Alive Season 2

The actual incidents included a missing 61-year-old woman, a missing 10-year-old and her mother, a lost $10,000 lottery winner, and a runaway adolescent who fails to return to her foster home.

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Has the show been able to pique enough interest in viewers? Let’s address the query, “Will Missing: Dead or Alive have a second season?”

Will There Be a Season 2 of The Netflix Series Missing: Dead or Alive Renewed or Canceled Status?

Status: not yet extended

The television program has not received a second season as of the time of writing in May 2023.

Even though Netflix is currently awaiting the pertinent data, it appears that there might not be any more episodes.

On IMDb, the program currently has a rating of 5.4 and has received a number of mixed reviews. In fact, some have been overtly critical of the show, branding it manufactured and pitiful, while others claim they don’t understand the criticism it has received.

Will There Be A Missing: Dead or Alive Season 2

The one thing I will offer to the discussion is the fact that the dates of all the missing person instances are from a few years ago. All four of the events take place in 2020 and 2021, which leads me to believe that this show may have been delayed before its debut.

That may indicate that the show underwent significant post-production work to bring it up to broadcast standards or that Netflix was hesitant to release it at all.

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Since there are no special effects or reshoots involved, the true crime genre often does not require much post-production. However, this show appears to have attempted to be more while confusing the fan experience.

What I will say is that I gave this recommendation to a friend who asked me if it was a spoof like The Office or This Country almost at the conclusion of the first episode.

They were stunned when I had to explain that everything was real, but they kept watching nevertheless since they were having trouble understanding the show. Possibly, this show will find a devoted following without the one it has worked so hard to attract.

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