Who Is Richard Madden Dating? Is He Dating Anyone?

Richard Madden became an overnight phenomenon after starring in the 2018 thriller series Bodyguard, portraying the dashing, dependable hunk and inspiring many A-listers to wish their bodyguards were as handsome as Richard!

With his status as an enormous celebrity and award-winning actor came scrutiny of his personal life, particularly his relationships!

While Richard Madden is not the type of celebrity to broadcast his relationships, this only makes fans more curious about the fortunate lady (and gentleman!) who managed to win his heart!

Are Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez Dating?

who is richard madden dating

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Despite the exhausting nature of the pandemic and quarantine, it appears that Richard Madden managed to discover love during those trying times! The Scotsman was linked to fellow actor Froy Gutierrez in a dating speculation.

The couple was first seen together in February 2020, roughly one month before the end of the planet. Fans theorized that they resided and were subsequently quarantined in Emma Clarke’s residence after being spotted in the Venice neighborhood.

Fans and paparazzi began to closely monitor the couple. The couple was spotted in London in September 2020 and again in April 2021, suggesting that they transferred their quarantine location there.

However, Richard and Froy appeared more circumspect and made every effort to avoid the paparazzi.

Not to be concerned. A lack of images does not indicate the end! During their summer vacation in Italy earlier this year, the couple proved they were still going strong.

The Real Relationship Between Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn

who is richard madden dating

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Fans began to speculate whether Richard Madden is gay in real life after his portrayal of a homosexual manager in Rocketman. Several photographs of Richard out with 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn piqued interest!

The actors were observed on numerous occasions, ranging from a simple stroll to errand-running in Los Angeles and a dinner date in New York City. During one of these occasions, Richard encircled Brandon’s arm with his own.

When asked by The New York Times about the rumors, Richard claimed to be “unbothered by the question” and “in no hurry to answer it.”

In addition, Richard stated that he keeps his “personal life personal” and has never and will likely never discuss his relationships.

So much for the endearing couple of photos, we could have seen on Richard’s Instagram!

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