Who Is Kellyanne Conway Dating? Inside Kellyanne Conway’s Love Life!

Kellyanne Conway, a well-known Republican researcher, joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in July 2016 and quickly became the campaign manager. After Trump won the election, she became one of the most visible people in the government and often appeared on TV. In one case, she used “alternative facts” to back up the administration’s claim that the inaugural crowd was the biggest ever.

Who Is Kellyanne Conway Dating?

who is kellyanne conway dating

Some stories say that Kellyanne Conway is not in a relationship right now and has stopped going on dates. She used to be married to George Conway, a famous lawyer, and right political commentator. They were married for many years and had four children together. But in August 2020, the couple broke up, claiming “irreconcilable differences” as the reason.

Since they told the public that they were splitting up, there have been no rumors about who Kellyanne Conway might be seeing now. She doesn’t usually talk about her personal life in the media, and she hasn’t said anything about her present romantic situation.

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Kellyanne Conway’s Marriage

Kellyanne and George Conway each posted a message on their Twitter accounts about their “amicable” divorce. They talked about how much they love their four kids and how happy they were when they were together, including with their four corgis. George, who is 59, didn’t say much about the news of their breakup, but Kellyanne, who is 56, told a Washington Post reporter to be careful with assumptions and loose facts.

Kellyanne was married to George, a well-known New York lawyer who helped Paula Jones sue President Bill Clinton in 1994 for sexual abuse. At first, George backed Trump for president and even thought about joining his team. But his view of the president quickly changed for the worse, and in March 2018, he started a stream of negative tweets about Trump that got him over a million followers.

Even though some people thought that the Conways’ political views were just a show to bring together different political groups in Washington, as interest in their marriage grew, so did problems within the family. This was especially true when Claudia, their teen daughter, became famous for making fun of her parents and Trump in her tweets and TikTok videos, which became very popular.

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Kellyanne Conway Divorce

who is kellyanne conway dating

Late on Friday, unnamed sources told Page Six that the couple had tried to work out their problems but were now getting ready for a divorce. This was the first news of the split. The report also said that lawyers have been hired by both sides.

Kellyanne has been married to her husband since 2001. Their relationship has been in the news a lot, especially when Kellyanne worked in the White House and her husband often criticized Trump in public while she praised him.

Kellyanne Conway hinted in her 2022 biography that she and George Trump’s different political ideas had caused some problems in their marriage, and she said that Ivanka Trump had suggested they go to couples counseling.

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