Who Does Yuri End Up With in XO, Kitty Season 1?

Netflix continues to dominate the Korean genre and the teen rom-com market with its latest release, the To All the Boysspin-off series, XO, Kitty. This popular series from the streaming giants includes plenty of complicated teenage romances and many scandalous family secrets that are ready to be explored in this ten-episode season.

One of the main cast members isYuri Han, played by actress Gia Kim. Yuri is also involved in forbidden love and soon gets caught up in all the family drama too. Let s discuss who Yuri ends up with in XO, KittySeason 1.

Who Is Yuri’s Love Interest in XO, Kitty?

Who Does Yuri End Up With in XO, Kitty Season 1?

One of the early twists in, Kitty, is the revelation that Kitty s long-distance boyfriend, Dae, is actually dating Yuri, a student at KISS (the Korean Independent School of Seoul). This is, of course, all just a ruse; they are pretending to be dating to cover for Yuri.

Yuri does t want her family or the school to know that she is gay or has been dating Juliana secretly. Juliana is Yuri s love interest in the series and another KISS student. When Yuri’s mother, Principal Jina, finds out about Yuri kissing a girl, she expels Juliana from the school, desperate to avoid any media controversy. Juliana is then sent away to the UK.

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Who Does Yuri End Up With In XO, Kitty?

Who Does Yuri End Up With in XO, Kitty Season 1?

Yuri and Juliana are reunited in the season finale.

Yuri s fake relationship with Dae lasts for the majority of the first season. Kitty struggles to find out the truth about this fake relationship, although she has her suspicions from the off. Yuri do t know how to be with Juliana when she can t even speak to her, and the rich student makes many mistakes throughout this ordeal.

She forces Dae to be her boyfriend and makes enemies with Kitty. Her only plan is to save up enough money so that she can travel to Iceland to be with Juliana like they d planned. Yet her mom takes away her credit card. Yuri uses a paparazzi stunt to acquire the rest of the money she needs.

In the end, Yuri calls out her mom, who she discovers caused the whole separation in the first place. Jina sees the wrongs of her ways and begins to accept Yuri for who she is by the end of the season. She also allows Juliana to return to Seoul. Yuri and Juliana are reunited in the season finale.

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What Happens Between Yuri and Juliana?

Who Does Yuri End Up With in XO, Kitty Season 1?

Yuri and Juliana s journey to being reunited is a rocky one. First, Juliana is sent away to England. And with that, her social media accounts are deleted, and her phone is disconnected. Yuri has no way of contacting her girlfriend.

Yuri eventually tells Dae the truth about the cover-up and later confesses to Kitty. Kitty helps Yuri to get in contact with Juliana. Although during this conversation, Kitty realizes that she has strong feelings for Yuri too.

When Yuri finds out about her mother’s secret child, she decides to run away from home. While packing, she has a devastating argument with her mother, telling her all of her own secrets and the reasons why Jina is ashamed of her own daughter. Jina tries to make amends, introducing Yuri to her half-brother and allowing Juliana to return to Seoul.

In episode 10, OTP, Yuri, and Juliana are finally reunited at the airport. Kitty is just about to declare her love to Yuri when she is interrupted by Juliana s arrival. Yuri and Juliana hug one another, finally back together after all that time apart. It is a happy ending for the couple.

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