Where Was Missing: Dead or Alive on Netflix Filmed?

True crime enthusiasts are settling in to watch a team of globe-weary investigators give it their all to investigate four missing person cases and the mystery surrounding them in the four-part special Netflix series Missing: Dead or Alive?

The show gives us a glimpse into the sometimes gruesome circumstances surrounding the missing people in addition to giving us a fly-on-the-wall perspective on the officers involved in those cases.

The inner thoughts of people engaged are punctuated by a lot of staring off into the horizon and background music. The stories frequently have cliffhanger endings that entice viewers to watch more, and the show is getting mixed reviews.

To tell you, kind reader, where Missing: Dead or Alive was shot and where the detectives’ favorite cake shop is, we are donning our white gloves and entering the vicinity of the shooting scene.

Where Was Missing: Dead or Alive on Netflix Filmed a Breakdown of Filming Locations

Columbia, South Carolina

Where Was Missing: Dead or Alive on Netflix Filmed?

The production team would film at the locations where the investigations take place because the series is a documentary and not a dramatization of actual events. There would be a lot of actual sites in this region because all of the cases would be from South Carolina.

It would be hard to mention every location that was used in the production of the show, but we have managed to compile a list of some of the places where you may see where the show was filmed.

It will be challenging to pinpoint specific locations because many of them are kept a secret, likely to protect the privacy of the actors and crew. Instead, we receive numerous drone shots of bridges, scenes of cars traveling down unknown streets, and likely some stock footage. Nevertheless, we will share what we discover below. Columbia, South Carolina would serve as the backdrop for all four episodes.

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The Richmond County Sheriff s Department

5623 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223, is where you may find the department.

Prisma Health Hospital Richland, Columbia, South Carolina

Where Was Missing: Dead or Alive on Netflix Filmed?

This is the place where Lorraine Garcia vanishes in the first episode. Built-in 1892, the hospital was among the earliest in the city. 5 Richland Medical Park Drive, Columbia, SC 29203 is where you may find it.

Richland County, South Carolina

Young Amirah Watson and her mother go missing in episode two. Tynesha Brooks, the mother, resided in Richland County, where scenes will be shot.

Broad River Exit Interstate I 20

Where Was Missing: Dead or Alive on Netflix Filmed?

We see the highway in the opening scene of season three episode three, where the unfortunate David Taylor is discovered by the side of the road. David was seen walking across the lanes of traffic on Interstate 20; this could be the location.

David, who lived in the Barnwell neighborhood, would drive around in search of a place to exchange his winning lottery ticket. It appears that David’s truck takes the Broad River Exit, which is where it would be.

Filming would be done all over the area, and the team would look into the forested area across the freeway where David was observed entering.

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CVS Columbia Pharmacy

while the team heads here in search of David, they record both inside the establishment while they review the surveillance tape and outside with a drone shot.

Fairfield Rd Winnsboro

Where Was Missing: Dead or Alive on Netflix Filmed?

The search for missing Richland County resident Sierra Stevens is ongoing in episode four. In the episode, a shot of Fairfield Road and Winnsboro is cut off as the detectives look for Sierra. While the squad searches, shots of a truck stop are also utilized.

Lita S Treats

In Irmo, South Carolina, at 800 Lake Murray Boulevard, Suite G, Investigator Vicky stops by. The cupcakes seem tasty. A total of ten muffins, including carrot cake muffins, are bought.

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