Where Was FUBAR on Netflix Filmed?

We are definitely living in strange times as far as streaming platform content is concerned. It seems that there has been a floodgate opened that has seen A-list celebrity actors taking roles in scripted TV shows.

There was a time when the idea of securing some of these names for TV shows was pie in the sky.

Even the idea of securing a Hollywood A-lister to appear on television was a privilege that was only granted to the very highest-placed talk show host, and let’s face it, they only appeared there to fulfill a contractual obligation or if they were trying to sell something.

So seeing some of these huge names on TV is still a bit of a novelty.

Joining the list of stars includes the likes of Kevin Costner in Yellowstone, Jessica Lange in American Horror Story, Jane Fonda in Race and Frankie, Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King, and Sir Anthony Hopkins in Westworld. And now we have Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Netflix comedy action-adventure series FUBAR.

This is the first scripted TV show that Arnold has ever done.

If you are interested in the show itself, you can find our in-depth look at it right here on Ready Steady Cut, but this article is going to take a very quick look at where the show FUBAR was filmed and also revealed news about a new horror project too. Read until the end.

Where Was FUBAR on Netflix Filmed a Breakdown of Filming Locations

Antwerp, Belgium

Where Was FUBAR on Netflix Filmed?

Lots of location filming took place in Europe for this show, and Antwerp was picked due to its style, landscapes, and architecture. It might surprise you to know that there have been a few shows filmed in this stunning city.

Recently you may have watched Rough Diamonds, set in Antwerp’s Hasidic community, and another diamond-based crime drama, Hidden Assets, was also filmed there.

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The FUBAR crew would use Arnold’s stunt double to record a lot of the action sequences on the city streets, so we imagine that the real Arnold would do his close-ups in the studio.

You can see Lambermontplaats, an eight-sided square located in the Zuidkwartier district of the city, used for a car chase scene, and in a similar vein, you can spot The Brabo Fountain, in the main square in front of City Hall, in another chase sequence.

Toronto, Canada

Where Was FUBAR on Netflix Filmed?

There were plenty of studio sets and location work done in Toronto for the show. On the Toronto Filming Twitter account, you can see some great shots of the crew filming the show. The crew and some cast can be seen on Victoria Street.

Toronto is a well-loved location for productions, and some of you might be interested in the new prequel to Stephen King.

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The show is called Welcome To Derry, and it looks like the town of Port Hope has been transformed to provide location work for the anticipated horror show.

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