Where Was Crater on Disney Plus Filmed?

The makers of Stranger Things are also on board to bring the new coming-of-age sci-fi thriller Crater to television. It is directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez.

The movie eventually made its release on the streaming platform after spending a long time in development hell.

This sci-fi adventure, which has been compared to The Goonies and other classic films, stars a young group of heroes who meet in a lunar colony, steal a Rover—not a dog—and set out to explore a crater before being transferred to another planet to live.

With the premise established, they started out on the perilous journey to fulfill the father of the main character’s wish to study the crater.

The post will launch off and provide an answer to the topic of where the Disney+ movie Crater was shot because it is an effects-heavy sci-fi adventure.

Where Was Crater on Disney Plus Filmed a Breakdown of Filming Locations

Celtic Media Centre, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Where Was Crater on Disney Plus Filmed?

As we previously stated, this is an effects-heavy movie, and as is the case with most Marvel movies, everything appears to be a green screen in the trailer. Beginning in June 2021, the movie would be made in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, largely at The Celtic Media Centre and on location as well.

This incredible building is 40 acres in size and is situated in the center of the city. The dignitary would declare, “Baton Rouge is thrilled to welcome a media and entertainment giant like Disney to our community,” in an interview with Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome.

This change will make a substantial contribution to the local film industry and economy. We look forward to developing fruitful relationships with Disney and laying the groundwork for potential future Celtic production opportunities.

A team of seasoned Louisiana-based teams with in-depth knowledge of the industry and the ability to provide first-rate service facilities has grown over the years in the area as a result of the long history of film production in Baton Rouge and the media center.

The production projected that it would need to hire about 400 extras in addition to about 300 staff members. The Motion Picture Production Incentive Program, which provides some fantastic financial benefits to production companies that want to film there, is also on board in this area.

Crews are quite welcome in Baton Rouge because it also has a film commission that encourages them to collaborate with them.

films like Twilight: Parts 1 and 2 and Breaking Dawn Part 1. The Disney super-hero TV flop Cloak and Dagger as well as the films Pitch Perfect, Ray, and The Chameleon were filmed there.

Los Angeles, California Mojave Desert

Where Was Crater on Disney Plus Filmed?

There was undoubtedly some time spent filming at one of the several studios in Los Angeles because the movie was heavily focused on special effects.

However, it appears that some of the photos were possibly taken in the Mojave Desert.


Where Was Crater on Disney Plus Filmed?

A brief search of social media also turned up an Instagram photo of toddler Isaiah Russell-Bailey.

In the film, Isaiah portrays Devin. It pretty much confirms the Icelandic filming locations because, in the upload, we see him in the c**k pit of a passenger airliner, looking appropriately delighted, with the message Iceland Here We Come #Crater.

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