Where was Class of ’09 on Hulu Filmed?

The Class of 2009 Hulu thriller series has an intriguing notion at its core. The three different time periods, 2009, 2023, and 2034, which are essentially the past, present, and future, are where the action is spread out.

The 2018 American Crime Story director Tom Rob Smith’s miniseries, which also features Bryan Tyree Henry, Kate Mara, Brian J. Smith, Isaiah Stratton, Phil Armijo, and Camry Bault, is set in the well-known milieu of FBI agents in training.

The first episode of the show begins in the past when Ashley Poet arrives in Quantico to begin her training. Here, we receive our first introduction to some of the other major players who interact with the leads.

Then we go to the present when Ashley is working for the FBI as an undercover cop looking into a crooked police department. As a result, the spy is sought out to hack into a different corporation, but Ashley is not pleased with the plan. Then, as Ashley meets up with her 2009 classmate, we witness Ashley’s future.

You can now see how the show will proceed, and it sounds intriguing. But because this post is more interested in the show’s production, I’ll leave that task to another author. With that in mind, let’s look at where the show Class of 09 was filmed.

Where Was Class of 09 on Hulu Filmed a Breakdown of Filming Locations

The Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta Georgia

Where was Class of ’09 on Hulu Filmed?

At the popular Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, the majority of the series’ filming took place. On 330 acres of property on the former Fort McPherson complex in Southwest Atlanta, this studio branch opens its doors in 2019.

A trailer park, the White House, a hotel, and a 1950s restaurant are among the ready-to-use sets at the studio. The complex features twelve sound stages in addition to many set stages. You can find the studio at 315 Deshler Street Southwest.

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Holy Cross Catholic Church, Atlanta

Locals with keen eyes will recognize the Holy Cross Church at 3773 Chamblee Tucker Road as a filming location.

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Where was Class of ’09 on Hulu Filmed?

The speedway, which serves as both a setting and a track for entertainment and holds an immensely popular NASCAR event every year, was also utilized.

1500 Tara Place is where you can find the track.

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Los Angeles, California

Let’s face it, the city has pretty much everything needed for shows and movies to film on location and in studios, thus it almost feels obligatory for these types of productions to be filmed in LA.

Despite doing some of the initial filmings here, the crew would soon depart for Atlanta to complete the balance of the project.

Where was Class of ’09 on Hulu Filmed?

Vancouver, British Columbia

Scenes from the show’s present timeframe, particularly many of the woodland scenes, were filmed in Vancouver.

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