What Will A Combined Hulu and Disney+ Catalog Look Like?

Bob Iger, Disney s CEO, declared in Disney’s quarterly earnings report that a single streaming application featuring content from Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ will be launched in the United States by the close of this year.

Should Disney decide to completely merge the two streaming platforms, it would likely need to first acquire full ownership of Hulu.

Beginning in 2024, Disney can buy the remaining 33% stake in Hulu currently held by Comcast. Subscriptions to both services will be necessary for users to switch between the platforms, yet this is now more accessible and cost-effective than ever, thanks to The Disney Bundle option available.

What Will A Combined Hulu and Disney+ Catalog Look Like?

Disney+ subscribers in the United States will soon experience the service as it is enjoyed internationally, where adult-focused, general entertainment content is directly accessible via Disney+. However, once this integration occurs later in the year, one might wonder what the unified library of Disney+ and Hulu would look like.

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Reelgood, a streaming aggregator, has unveiled fresh data shedding light on what this newly merged service could potentially provide to subscribers.

Incorporating Hulu into Disney+ will immediately amplify the number of shows accessible, shooting up from roughly 588 at present to more than 2000. Furthermore, the conjoined platform will maintain an excellent blend of prestige television and routine series.

Nearly half of the content in the newly combined service will comprise high-caliber TV series shows that have garnered a minimum IMDb rating of 6.5, as determined by over 300 votes.

This is certain to significantly increase viewership numbers.

What Will A Combined Hulu and Disney+ Catalog Look Like?

Disney+ will be the primary contributor of movies to the combined platform. At present, Disney+ provides 1,351 movies compared to Hulu’s 1,197. The combined platform will offer more mature content, which is crucial, but it will also maintain a continual assortment of films from various studios, ensuring a broad range of options for viewers.

Overall, expect 2,245 movies when the services are combined.

In total, the combined Disney+ and Hulu experience will offer more than 2,500 movies and over 2,200 TV series.

While many users might initially associate animation with Disney+, data indicates that action and adventure form the most represented genre on Disney+. On the other hand, drama dominates Hulu. Once combined, dramas will constitute over 37% of the available content.

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This consolidation into a single app will offer subscribers a considerably wider range of content across various genres. With drama making up nearly half of Hulu s library, the influx of adult and teenager-targeted shows and films into Disney+ will bolster a category that Disney has previously found challenging to cater to.

While we continue to await further information regarding Hulu being incorporated into Disney+, this certainly provides a glimpse into the potential variety of content we can anticipate upon its launch.

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