What Happened to Sick Valorant? Unraveling the Story Behind the Player’s Disappearance!

Sick is a renowned professional Valorant player for the esports organization Sentinels. His aggressive dueling style and exceptional gaming skills have led his team to multiple victories in a variety of tournaments and competitions. SicK previously played for Team Rossy, and his most recent match was on December 5, 2022, against Team Subroza.

He is currently preparing for the upcoming VCT 2023 – Americas League competition and has earned a total of $114,050.00 over the course of his tenure. He presently has a rating of 1.17 after playing 6087 rounds. Notably, SicK was designated as the replacement player for Sentinels following last year’s roster mania, but he has not played professionally since May 2022.

What Happened to Sick Valorant?

What Happened to Sick Valorant?

Hunter “SicK” Mims of the Sentinels was recently released from prison after spending 11 days there following his arrest on March 4. Following an altercation at a Ferrari dealership in Texas, which was posted to his Twitter account but has since been deleted, he was arrested. SicK was charged with criminal trespass because he refused to exit the dealership when asked.

Sentinels posted his $5,000 surety and also had his sister flown in to assist with his release. However, the organization has suspended SicK until training is complete. Rob Moore, the chief executive officer of Sentinels, hoped that the company could assist SicK during this difficult period.

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What Did Sentinels Sick Do?

What Happened to Sick Valorant?

After an incident at a car dealership on March 4, 2023, Hunter “SicK” Mims, a professional Valorant player for the Sentinels, was detained and charged with criminal trespassing. A Twitter user disclosed the news, which was classified as a “Class B” misdemeanor with a $5,000 bond. Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive participant SicK is a prominent member of the esports community.

The incident occurred a week after he publicly conveyed his displeasure with Riot Games and his management for denying him entry into the VCT Lock//In Sao Paulo tournament.

According to a Twitter user, the altercation occurred at a Ferrari dealership as SicK attempted to purchase a vehicle but refused to leave the premises, resulting in his arrest. The Sentinels have suspended SicK while he completes his training, and the organization’s CEO has stated that they intend to support him during this difficult period.

Sick Valorant Jail

What Happened to Sick Valorant?

Sick, a player for Valorant, was detained on March 4 for criminal trespassing and was being held at the Collin County Jail in Dallas, Texas. He was detained on a Class B Misdemeanor surety of $5,000. According to the Law Office of Andrew Williams, he could face a fine of up to $2,000 or a prison term of up to 180 days. The incident that led to his detention took place at a Ferrari dealership, as he revealed on Twitter.

According to Dot Esports, Sick refused the employee’s request to exit the dealership. In addition, he mentioned that the police were involved and called the business “disrespectful.” According to sources, Sick is coping with personal issues and has received support from teammates, family, and friends. Former teammate ShahZam has asked him publicly to answer his calls.

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Sick Valorant Girlfriend

What Happened to Sick Valorant?

SicK Valorant has made no public declarations regarding his current relationship status. It is unknown whether he is single or in a relationship, as he maintains a private existence. However, SicK was seen in one of his YouTube videos with Kissubie, who was confirmed to be his ex-girlfriend.

Kissubie disclosed in a Twitch stream that they once had an open relationship, but have since ended it and are no longer on speaking terms. Kissubie terminated the relationship when she discovered that SicK was involved with another woman while they were in an open relationship, according to rumors.

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