Tin & Tina (2023) Ending Explained – Why Are Tin and Tina Innocent?

The movie Tin & Tina follows a young couple, Lola and Adolfo, who lose their children shortly after their wedding (two bassinets in the nursery suggest she was expecting twins) during Lola’s pregnancy. They receive the unfortunate news that due to a medical procedure, Lola will never be able to have children of their own.

This leaves their new home empty, which happens to be the house Adolfo grew up in.

Tin & Tina (2023) Ending Explained

Lola has been feeling depressed. Adolfo convinces Lola to go with him to the local orphanage, run by Catholic nuns so that they can adopt. Lola is initially against the idea. However, Lola sees two older kids, siblings Tin and Tina, who sing beautifully but religiously recite and follows the Holy Bible to the letter. The couple adopts the children but soon finds their lives in danger.

Are Tin & Tina evil?

Tin & Tina (2023) Ending Explained – Why Are Tin and Tina Innocent?

Tin and Tina are not evil, but the answer is more ambiguous than you think. These young children are aware of their actions, and this horror thriller is a commentary on the socialization of children raised under the banner of religion. Tin and Tina are innocent and take the interpretation quite literally when reading the Bible.

An example is when they kill the couple’s dog because they learned about anatomy in class. Another is punishing a bully in school, but since he’s a sinner, they use God’s will to punish him. Even the attempted drowning of Lola’s baby could be viewed as a child sacrifice, which is often talked about in the Bible.

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Are Tin & Tina a Product of Their Environment?

This brings up the classic nature versus nurture, where I would argue it’s the way the siblings were nurtured by the orphanage and given rules of the Bible as a guide to live their lives. Many religious scholars say it is a product of when it was written.

We can also view this Tin and Tina’s behavior through the lens of Erikson’s psychosocial stage of Industry versus Inferiority. Tina and Tina could be using religion to cope with the failure of finding a family. Also, using the excuse of doing things the Bible approves of to prevent feeling inferior to others who could look at their actions disapprovingly.

How Does Adolfo Die?

Tin & Tina (2023) Ending Explained – Why Are Tin and Tina Innocent?

Adolfo dies from what appears to be a lightning strike during a thunderstorm. After returning the twins to the orphanage, the couple enjoys television when the set stops working. Adolfo leaves the room to check on the antenna (and yes, during the storm), but the lights come back on shortly after.

Lola hears Tin and Tina’s laughter and the baby crying, but lights and appliances turn off and on. Lola goes outside because she hears a noise and hears Adolfo screaming. He is holding onto the antenna and being electrocuted. (You’ll notice the way he has the antenna, it looks like a cross in flames).

Lola runs inside when Adolfo falls, hits the ground, and crawls toward the door. Lola goes to grab a blanket, but he comes inside the house, which then bursts into flames.

How Does Lola Save Her Baby?

Tin & Tina (2023) Ending Explained – Why Are Tin and Tina Innocent?

Lola saves her baby by seeking guidance from God, wrapping her face in a sheet, and causing asphyxiation, just like Tin and Tina taught her. This grants her the strength and guidance to locate Lola in the crib and carry her through the burning home filled with smoke. Lola then finds her way outside and passes out while holding her baby in the rain.

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Why Are Tin & Tina Innocent?

Tin and Tina are innocent, according to Lola and the head of the orphanage. After Lola wakes up, the nun visits and reveals even though we see little footprints around the home that we assume could be Tin and Tina’s, the siblings appear to have never left the orphanage.

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