‘The Full Monty’ Series Disney+ Release Date Announced (Canada)

On June 14, 2023, the day the eight-part series will debut on Hulu in the United States and on Disney+ in the United Kingdom, Disney has announced that the much-awaited, brand-new Original series The Full Monty will start streaming on Disney+ in Canada.

The 8 60 series, which takes place 25 years after the original British smash hit, will follow the same group of brothers as they negotiate Sheffield, a post-industrial metropolis, and the failing healthcare, education, and jobs sectors of society.

The comedy-drama will explore the gang’s happier, sillier, and more desperate times as it reveals what happened to them after they put their outfit back on. Additionally, it will show how, throughout the years, the fiercely humorous world of these working-class heroes who still call Sheffield home has evolved.

‘The Full Monty’ Series Disney+ Release Date Announced (Canada)

The ACADEMY AWARD-winning screenwriter of the first film, Simon Beaufoy, is back, together with co-writer Alice Nutter (Accused), and executive producer Uberto Pasolini (Nowhere Special).

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The main cast, which includes Robert Carlyle from Trainspotting and Once Upon a Time in the role of Gaz, Mark Addy from Game of Thrones and A Knight’s Tale in the role of Dave, Lesley Sharp from Before We Die and Scott and Bailey in the role of Jean, Hugo Speer from Britannia and Shadow and Bone in the role of Guy, Paul Barber from The Dumping Ground and Gloves Off in the role of Horse, Steve Huison from The Royle Family and The

Destiny Schofield, the teenage daughter of Gaz Schofield, is portrayed by rising talent Talitha Wing (Wolfe, Alex Rider).

Paul Clayton (The Crown, The Split), who plays Lomper’s husband, Dennis, is among the additional new cast members joining the ensemble. In the role of recently divorced housing officer Darren, played by Miles Jupp (Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, The Durrells), Darren looks up to the Monty men for guidance on navigating adulthood.

‘The Full Monty’ Series Disney+ Release Date Announced (Canada)

Phillip Rhys Chaudhary (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists) joins as Dilip, the school’s deputy headteacher, while Sophie Stanton plays Hetty, Jean’s coworker and friend. Along with Arnold Oceng, who portrays an accomplished graffiti artist, newcomers Dominic Sharkey and Natalie Davies feature as Destiny’s friends Cal and Tabani, respectively.

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Twiglet, a wisecracking twelve-year-old, is portrayed by Aiden Cook, while Yaz, Destiny’s mother, is portrayed by Tupele Dorgu (Alma’s Not Normal).

Producing the series is Simon Lewis. Director of Scripted, Lee Mason, is the executive producer of the series for Disney+. Searchlight Television and FX created the original television series.

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