“The Chi” Production Disrupted By WGA Strike!

The production of The Chi has been hampered once more by the current writers’ strike.

According to Deadline, the well-known drama with a Chicago setting was able to film on Friday morning before having to switch locations. But when they got there, there was already a second picket line.

Thus, no filming was finished on Friday. Additionally, according to Deadline, last week’s interruption of the series’ filming. Filming is now anticipated to continue on Monday in the production.

“The Chi” Production Disrupted By WGA Strike!

On a typical day on Chicago’s south side, young adults are attempting to make a living, children are getting ready for school as their parents leave for work, and the elderly are keeping an eye on things from their front porches.

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However, in this rough area, actual threats every day threaten to crush dreams, and even the smallest choices can have grave repercussions.

“The Chi” Production Disrupted By WGA Strike!

The Chi is a current coming-of-age drama series that focuses on a group of locals who are brought together by happenstance but are tied together by a desire for companionship and redemption.

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The Chi is a Disney 20th Television production that airs on Showtime in the United States. Additionally, the series is accessible through Disney+ in a number of nations, including the UK and Australia.

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