The Big Score Podcast: Tom Howe on ‘Secrets of the Elephants’

Hollywood Records has released the newest episode of their music docuseries & podcast BIG SCORE. Explore the music from National Geographic’s Secrets of the Elephants with composer Tom Howe.

The Big Score is an original series offering first-person audio and video vignettes that delve deep into the creation of film and television music for influential and award-winning movies and series from Searchlight Pictures, 20th Century Studios, Hulu, Freeform, FX, National Geographic, Onyx Collective and more.
Whether watching and/or listening, audiences will gain personal perspectives, stories, and insights from some of today’s most innovative composers and artists, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the recording process and creation of their scores.
Fans can catch The Big Score wherever they listen to podcasts, while the accompanying docuseries premiere on YouTube.
The Big Score Podcast: Tom Howe on ‘Secrets of the Elephants’
Video episodes will run for 5-7 minutes, intercutting the main interviews with direct scene commentary and behind-the-scenes footage. Meanwhile, the podcast will span 20-30 minutes, providing an in-depth perspective from the composer.
Other interview subjects will include directors, music supervisors, and artists who contributed to writing, recording, performing, or music production.
Catch The Big Score wherever you listen to podcasts and watch The Big Score docuseries on Hollywood Records YouTube channel. Subscribe to be updated when new episodes appear.

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