Saint X Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

As Saint X draws to a close, the numerous subplots advance, providing new information and deceitful diversion.

The three primary narratives are once more examined in Loose Threads of the Past. Tyler (Caleb Lowell) has previously been angered by Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey). Then, after returning from the island, Alison’s parents relocate to California. Emily disintegrates in the present.

Another plodding, uninteresting episode from the murder mystery, it seems like unnecessary filler. What transpired in Saint XSeason 1, Episode 6 is as follows:
  • Alison s parents struggle to cope back in America after their daughter s death. Mia plans for the funeral, and Bill organizes a new investigation into the case. Claire turns inwards, developing tics.
  • The parents decide to move to California to escape the darkness and scandal. Claire chooses to change her name to Emily.
  • On the island, Alison meets with Edwin. They discuss music. Alison wants to see more of the island s culture. She asks Desmond to take them out of the resort for a meal. He organizes a trip that night.
  • Olivia tells Tyler about Alison and Edwin. She apologizes to Alison for letting this secret slip. Tyler confronts Alison, wanting to know about her secret relationship. Tyler stirs up trouble, stating that Edwin is a womanizer.
  • Alison cries in the toilets. Dana comforts her, telling her that she is special.
  • Ethan continues to be creepy about his obsession with Alison. Dana tells him to grow up.
  • Desmond confronts Sara about her feelings for Edwin. Edwin is caught with another man.
  • In the present, Emily obsessively cleans. She apologizes to Sunita, who wants nothing to do with her old friend.
  • Josh grows suspicious. He thinks Emily is cheating on him. She denies this but admits to being sacked. Josh looks ready to leave her. Emily promises to explain everything.
  • During a meal with Emily s parents, Emily loses the plot and confesses to needing to know the truth.
  • Gogo is attacked by his flatmate over money issues. He beats the man in the street. Emily witnesses this assault, realizing that Gogo has the potential to be a murderer after all.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

Saint X Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date and Time

The seventh episode will air on May 24, 2023, at midnight ET. The Goat Witch and the Sinner, episode 7’s title, will run for 47 minutes.

Where to Watch Online

With a Hulu subscription, viewers can watch Saint X Season 1 Episode 7 on the aforementioned date.


  • In the present, Emily will continue to stalk Gogo, discovering further clues from his past. She will steal the letter from him.
  • On the island, Alison will challenge Edwin about his womanizing ways. They will argue and end their relationship before the final day.
  • Alison will decide to leave the resort on her own, looking for adventure. She will get into trouble, leading to her death.

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