Saint X Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Why Does Claire Change Her Name?

Saint X, a murder mystery series on Hulu, divides time into three separate timelines. These connected subplots are further explored in Loose Threads of the Past.

Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is currently experiencing a mental breakdown and is disintegrating in front of her family. Alison (West Duchovny) had previously sought out adventure and culture. In the alternate history, Alison’s family tries to carry on with their lives.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Saint X Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Why Does Claire Change Her Name?

An island police news conference kicks off the program. Due to his improper handling of the investigation, the detective working on Alison’s case has been fired. The island expresses regret to Alison’s parents while holding fast to their version of events.

ParentsAfter their harrowing vacation from hell, Bill and Mia are now back in New York. Mia is often in tears as she gets ready for Alison’s funeral. While on the phone, Bill expresses his desperation for his detectives to find the truth. Claire is left in the midst of all this sadness, emotionally alone and lost.

The family encounters sympathy and support for Alison’s case everywhere they go. The parents worry that Claire’s tics are deteriorating as well. To protect her from this disaster is their goal. To start a fresh life, they choose to relocate to California on the other side of the nation.

Why Does Claire Change Her Name?

Saint X Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Why Does Claire Change Her Name?

Mia proposes taking up gardening while Bill wants to try his hand at teaching. They want Claire to embrace novelty as well. Claire makes the decision to change her name in keeping with this spirit. She uses her middle name Emily to signify this new beginning for the daughter and a new starting for herself.

Emily’s current chronology shows that she is still disintegrating. She has lost both her friendship with Sunita and her career. She is cleaning her flat with an obsession when we pick up with her. Sunita receives an apology from Emily over the phone, but the buddy is worried. Emily once more requires expert assistance.

However, Emily is curious about what was in Gogo’s letter. She follows the man to his apartment and comes dangerously close to breaking in. Joshi, her boyfriend, is also worried. During working hours, he discovers her at home. Emily is compelled to acknowledge her dismissal.

Josh yet believes that she is having an affair. Regarding the cab driver, he confronts her. Emily is convinced that Josh is Josh’s only love interest. He is aware that she is concealing something though. With full knowledge that she has been lying to him, he threatens to break up with her.

Despite the fact that they are initially going to eat with Emily’s parents, Emily pledges to tell him everything tonight.

Gogo’s room is being pillaged by a housemate in the meantime. He suspects Gogo of stealing his money.

Josh once more challenges Emily right before they eat. He has spoken with Sunita, and he is aware of her antics with Gogo. Josh finds it hard to think Emily would communicate with her sister’s murderer. But when Emily’s mom shows up, their quarrel is over.

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What Happens at The Meal with Emily S Parents?

Saint X Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Why Does Claire Change Her Name?

The supper is successful, and Emily’s parents express their pride in her. But she can’t maintain her composure for too long. Emily says she lost her job and hasn’t been going to her therapist anymore. She’s not doing all that well. Emily admits that she wishes she knew what had happened to Alison and accuses her parents of giving up the search.

In their defense, Emily’s parents claim that the probe was making them crazy. Emily believes that their ineffective parenting has destroyed her. She was never given the chance to truly express herself or grieve. Even before the parents can respond, Emily storms off.

The remarks made by Emily have upset the parents, who are also concerned about their daughter. Josh is informed by Emily that she won’t let up on the case until it has been solved. She must understand the reality.

The teenager continues to see Edwin in the ultimate timeline, just before Alison dies. She begs him to take her to see some of the island’s culture because she wants to occasionally leave the resort. Desmond offers to plan an outing for Alison, but her family declines to join her.

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Saint X Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Saint X Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Why Does Claire Change Her Name?

Tyler is mistakenly informed of Alison and Edwin by Olivia. Tyler confronts Alison because he feels cheated. He says Alison isn’t special and gets quite harsh in the process. Each week, Edwin snoozes with a different woman.

Alison sobs in the bathroom, upset. Dana, who affirms that Alison is unique, gives her comfort. The teenager is considerably lifted by this.

Ethan, Dana’s husband, is still fixated on Alison. Her cardigan is taken by him. Dana admonishes him to mature while citing the numerous prior sexual offenses she has had to put up with. Desmond asks Edwin whether he has feelings for Sara after confronting her about what he overheard in another scene.

Gogo returns to the present and reads his letter. When Gogo’s flatmate requests his money back, there is a street brawl that results. Of course, Emily is there to see this fight. Gogo strikes the man in a back alley. At this point, Emily understands that Gogo can actually commit murder.

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