Who is Pedro Pascal Dating in 2023? Let’s Examining His Romantic History!

The American actor Pedro Pascal, who was born in Chile, has been in the spotlight for years and has done a great job of slowly enthralling us. Because they are interested in him, Pedro Pascal’s admirers have always been curious about his relationships.

The actor Pedro Pascal is a dual citizen of the US and Chile. Pedro gained notoriety for his roles as Oberyn Martell in the fourth season of HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones and Javier Pea in Netflix’s popular crime drama Narcos after 20 years of playing minor roles in movies and TV shows.

Since the beginning of the year, Pedro Pascal has portrayed the main character in the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Pedro has played Joel in the HBO drama series The Last of Us since 2023. The real name of Pedro Pascal is José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal.

Pedro Pascal: Who is He Dating?

As of 2023, Pedro Pascal Is Not Dating Anyone Right Now. However, there have been many rumors about his past relationships. Sarah Paulson, one of the well-known women, was rumored to have feelings for Pedro. However, since they were just friends, the rumor wasn’t true.

Many of his admirers want to know if he is married and if he has a wife. Pedro Pascal has never been married and does not currently have a wife. Pedro Pascal is not dating anyone right now and has never been married.

Pedro doesn’t give his relationships any thought. Pedro Pascal was reportedly engaged, despite this. After they both worked on the Law and Order television program in 1990, Pedro allegedly dated Orange Are the New Black actress Maria Dizzia for a brief period of time.

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Pedro Pascal’s Past Dating History

It hasn’t been proven that Pedro Pascal dated any well-known women.

Scottie Paulson

Pedro Pascal Dating

Some of the reports claimed that Pedro had ties to well-known actress Sarah Paulson. But in truth, they are best friends. Their friendship began while they were teenagers in New York. Both Sarah Paulson and Pedro Pascal wanted to be actors. Even though they have grown up, they are still the closest of friends.

Lena Headey

Some people claimed that Pedro Pascal and Lena Headey were dating. Considering how much time they spent together on the set in 2014, Pedro and Lena may have been dating at the time. It was also said that Lena and Pedro were preparing to get married.

Dizzia Maria

Pedro Pascal Dating

Maria Dizzia and Pedro Pascal were purported to be dating. Some rumors have it that Pedro and Maria started dating after both of them received offers for parts on the same TV show. However, it might not have been the case given that they are both moving in different directions.

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Theo Tunney

In 2015, it was reported that Pedro Pascal was dating Robin Tunney. The occurrence of Pedro and Robin leaving Los Angeles’ renowned Sushi Park restaurant in 2015 gave rise to the tale. Both Pedro and Robin posed for photos with each other while at the 2015 Emmy Awards.

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