Mulligan Season 1 Review – A Big Waste of Time!

A Great Reset animated series is being released at an odd moment given the rampant conspiracy theories that have been going on since the Pandemic and the Ukraine War (and let’s not even get started on the growing body of UFO evidence).

There have long been animated programs about societies that collapse and then reform. By placing his characters in historical turning points, Time Traveler Matt Groening is renowned for foreseeing the future (or telling us what will happen). But you have to wonder whether we aren’t just using vibrant, simple media to fulfill our destiny.

Mulligan Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

Mulligan Season 1 Review – A Big Waste of Time

Netflix bundledFollowing Earth from an alien invasion is Mulligan. The aliens decimate human civilization, but low-intelligent Matty Mulligan (played by Nat Faxon) quickly wipes them out by tossing a grenade into the Mother Alien Ship. Matty, who assumed right away that he was the US President, must work with the survivors to restore society in and around now-disorganized Washington, D.C.Mulligan enjoys using societal ironies in his writing. The show enjoys showing Jeff Bezos flying into space to flee the invasion and being instantly smashed by an asteroid in the first episode, underlining how, culturally, we place little value on leaving this planet because of Twitter’s thoughts on Billionaires.

This series makes numerous allusions to Western culture, which is a reflection of the modern world and the numerous inconsistencies in our perceived systems.

But Mulligan has a problem that many modern comedies do as well. Making jokes only to make people laugh and trying to joke around a political statement are very different things. When political concepts are forced into jokes, it feels forced and weakens the credibility of the story.

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Is Mulligan on Netflix Good or Bad?

Mulligan Season 1 Review – A Big Waste of Time

Mulligan is a dreary period when the creator’s perspective on society is revealed. It’s the exact reason why Velma failed; it removed everything that made Scooby-Doo appealing and entertaining, turning it into a statement that no one requested. Mulligan hasn’t yet gotten an opportunity to make a joke.

Film and television must, for the most part, be enjoyable for audiences.

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Is Mulligan on Netflix Worth Watching?

Mulligan Season 1 Review – A Big Waste of Time

The next Big Mouth for Groening’s Disenchantment has not been acquired by Netflix. The standard of what a work of art should seem like has reached a stage where it is fundamentally dull, and Mulligan is one of them.

No offense is intended to the voice actors, who are all excellent, but the tale and the gags that are interwoven with it make for a wholly uninteresting experience.

Mulligan is a letdown despite the numerous advertisements, thus it will be fascinating to see if it is revived. We’ll see.

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