Get Ready for Drama: Married to Medicine Season 10 Release Date Announced!

Is Married to Medicine’s 10th season coming back? Is Married to Medicine over after the ninth season? Can we expect Andy Cohen to show up in the next episode? We have everything you need to find the answers to all of your problems.

In this piece, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming season of Married to Medicine.

Will Married to Medicine Have a 10th Season?

married to medicine season 10 release date

As of November 2022, Married to Medicine has not been picked up for a 10th season. We are still looking for an official update on what’s going on with the show. Still, judging by the ratings and reviews of the show’s past seasons, we think that it will be renewed.

When Will Season 10 of Married to Medicine Come Out?

As was already said, the show hasn’t been picked up for a 10th season yet. So, there isn’t a release date yet. But we think the show won’t run until at least 2023.

Based on when similar shows have come out in the past, the show may come out in the fall of 2023. Let’s wait for more news from the people who made it. Stay in touch with us until then!

The Cast of Season 10 of Married to Medicine

married to medicine season 10 release date

You might be thinking about the people who will be on the next episode of “Married to Medicine.” You must have heard that it is an American reality TV show that debuted on Bravo on March 24, 2013. So, it would be impossible to guess who would be in it until an official release is made.

The show’s host, on the other hand, is likely to stay the same. In the seventeenth edition, we might also see the return of the previous co-host. To be more specific, Andy Cohen will likely lead the next season as well.

Here is a list of some names that are likely to be in Season 10.

  • Jackie Walters will play herself
  • Simone Whitmore will play herself
  • Toya Bush-Harris will play herself
  • Quad Webb will play as herself
  • Heavenly Kimes will play as herself
  • Eugene Harris will play as himself
  • Cecil Whitmore will play as himself
  • Mariah Huq will play herself
  • Damon Kimes will play as himself
  • Contessa Metcalfe will play herself
  • Curtis Berry will play as himself
  • Scott Metcalfe will play as himself
  • Aydin Huq will play as himself
  • Lisa Nicole Cloud will play herself
  • Gregory Lunceford will play as himself
  • Kari Wells will play as himself
  • Kiran Sajja will play herself
  • Darren Naugles will play as himself
  • Andy Cohen will play as the host

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Married to Medicine Season 10 Trailer

We don’t have an official video for season 10 yet. We’re still waiting for Bravo to tell us what’s going on. For now, watch the video for the last season down below!

How Many Shows Will Be in Married to Medicine’s 10th Season?

There were 18 shows in the last season. So, if the creators decide to stick with the same plan, season 10 of the show could also have 18 episodes. But there has not yet been a public update.

Where Can I See the Show Married to Medicine?

On Amazon Prime Video, you can watch the show Married to Medicine.

Is Season 11 of Married to Medicine Going to Happen?

married to medicine season 10 release date

The show has not yet been picked up for Season 10. So, there are no details about season 11 of Married to Medicine right now.

Will Season 10 of Married to Medicine Come Back in 2023?

As of January 2023, Married to Medicine has not been picked up for a tenth season. Right now, the show hasn’t been given the go-ahead. Let’s wait until the creators tell us more. We’ll put new information here as soon as it comes out. Keep in touch with us!

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