FX’s The Secrets of Hillsong | Teaser – A Church Built On Lies!

For the forthcoming docuseries The Secrets of Hillsong, based on Vanity Fair’s exposés of the contentious megachurch and married pastors Carl and Laura Lentz, FX has produced an A Church Built On Lies trailer.

The first two episodes of the series are scheduled to air on Friday, May 19 at 10 PM. On May 26, the final two episodes will air. The next day, Hulu will stream all of the episodes. The show will be accessible on Star+ in Latin America and Disney+ in all other regions under the Star label.

FX’s The Secrets of Hillsong | Teaser – A Church Built On Lies

The Secrets of Hillsong, a four-part documentary series on FX, is based on Alex French and Dan Adler’s explosive original reporting on the problems at the megachurch. Beyond the dramatic headlines and beyond the velvet rope, The Secrets of Hillsong explores the church’s lengthy history of concealing wrongdoing to defend itself.

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The Secrets of Hillsong include interviews with former members of the congregation as well as others related to the church, including Tiff Perez, Ashley Jones, Mary Jones, Josh Canfield, Janice Lagata, Geoff Bullock, David Shoebridge, David Cowdrey, Tanya Levin. These individuals are in addition to the Lentzes.

Stacey Lee is the series’ director, while Scout Productions and Vanity Fair Studios, the Oscar- and Emmy-winning producers of “Queer Eye,” are behind it. French, Adler, David Collins, Joel Chiodi, Michael Williams, Rob Eric, Agnes Chu, and Sarah Amos are executive producers.

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