Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

The two-episode season finale of Fatal Attraction has arrived. Josh Jackson’s character, Dan, is up against the wall trying to establish his innocence in both the past and the present. Here is everything that happened in Episode 6 of Season 1 of Fatal Attraction.

  • We see Alex struggling to find out where she is supposed to go on her first day at work. Within her confusion, we meet Clay Bishop, who helps guide her in the right direction.
  • Alex and Clay become quite smitten with each other until he makes her mad by trying to force her to open up about things.
  • In an attempt to build the case, Mike heads down to gather some evidence. However, he runs into an old enemy that tells everyone in the office not to help him.
  • Mike pays a visit to Gabriel, who doesn’t take the visit so kindly.
  • We find out that Alex s neighbor, Emmy saw Dan the night he threatened Alex at her apartment.
  • Detective Earl arrives at Alex s apartment to find blood and a missing Alex.
  • Because of this, he visits Dan and asks if he knows who Alex is. Of course, he brings up her being a crazy stalker and has never been to her house. However, Earl brings up that his fingerprints were all over her apartment.
  • Before leaving, he tells Dan he will find her body and imprison him.
  • We see Dan s boss tell him that he is done. Then, he goes to the one lawyer he thought would help, but she refuses.
  • Beth’s father refuses to give Ellen and Dan the money for an attorney.
  • Ellen’s friend from school tells her that the professor broke up with her. Later that night, while they are having drinks, she asks Ellen about her father and his alibi. She gets super defensive about it and leaves.
  • Mike and Dan find present-day Clay Bishop, and he tells them about his experience with Alex. Dan asked why he didn’t help, as this was what his case needed. Clay tells them he showed up every day to his court case and couldn’t believe how they thrashed Alex.
  • Mike mentions to Earl that the person that went away for murder in another case fingerprints were all over Alex’s apartment.
  • Ellen called her mom to discuss what her friend had said. Her mom reminded her that Dan gave up his alibi for her so that she didn’t perjure herself on the stand.
  • Ellen sees her friend meet with her professor again, even after saying he broke it off.
  • Dan gets attacked by a man who we find out was looking for Mike because he visited his girlfriend earlier in the day.
  • In the past, we see the moment the cops showed up to arrest Dan.

Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 7 and 8 Release Date and Time

Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

On May 28, 2023, at 3 a.m. ET on Paramount+, Episodes 7 and 8 will debut. The duration of episodes 7 and 8 is 47 minutes.

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Where to Watch Online

Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

With a membership, you may watch Fatal Attraction only on Paramount+. Plans on the streaming service start at $4.99 per month. A Walmart+ subscription plan or a 7-day free trial is available to new streaming consumers.

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