Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – What Did Alex Do to Sophie?

In Fatal Attraction, Dan (Joshua Jackson) is attempting to establish his innocence, so we look back on everything that happened prior to Alex’s death (Lizzy Caplan) and make an effort to get in touch with the one person who might be able to clear his reputation.

Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Watching what happened between Alex and Beth’s mother, Sophie, sets the tone for the entire show. Alex happened to be at the gate just in time to stop Beth’s dog from exiting. Of course, Alex fabricates the events that occurred to persuade her to extend the invitation. Alex is welcomed to the house by Sophie for coffee. She became irritated while she was praising Beth to Alex.

What Did Alex Do to Sophie?

Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – What Did Alex Do to Sophie?

Sophie notes that Beth and Dan frequently overlook covering the pool. They should go outside and complete it together, she suggests. A float becomes trapped in the pool when Sophie is attempting to do it, and as she tries to get it, she tumbles into the water. She begs Alex for assistance, but she instead covers the pool, trapping her underwater.

Dan gets down with Beth to chat and confess his affair with Alex. She questions why he has to tell her tonight and he apologizes for doing it. He explains that Alex isn’t handling it well and thinks she might have been involved in her mother’s passing. She tells him that their relationship is over and departs. He then went to Mike to determine what to do about Alex.

Dan forgot his car keys at the office and rushed back upstairs to retrieve them when he realized Alex had already grabbed them. She apologizes and assures him that she understands. A pregnancy test is visible in the passenger seat of the automobile as she enters.

Dan’s employer gave him a call and requested an early meeting. She tells him that she received a handwritten letter accusing him of numerous offenses. She instructed him to take a break until they could reconcile.

Dan meets Gabriel, the person who had a complaint against Alex, on his way to pick up some paperwork for his new job. He inquires as to what transpired and whether or not he could assist, but he replies that he will not.

After that, he discusses Alex over lunch with a courthouse employee. He recalls seeing her with a blonde-haired man and notes that she had a thing for Gabriel.

Dan and Ellen sit down and share a drink in the present. When Ellen asks her father about Alex and what motivated him to do it, the conversation becomes challenging. He queries her as to why she thinks he did it as a psychology major. She describes his existence in a way that leaves him speechless.

Because Alex defended Dan, the investigator found him not guilty. Mike freaks out on him during dinner because he is ruining his job by doing something stupid.

A new acquaintance Ellen made at school speaks with her about her father and her past; the two get along and seem to be falling in love. Before she goes, she informs the professor about her essay that she has seen him and asks him not to ruin his life.

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What Is Dan S Reaction to Ellen Going Missing?

Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – What Did Alex Do to Sophie?

Beth is taken to the hospital following a fire that starts on a construction site. Dan says that Ellen will be taken care of by the neighbors. They learn she isn’t at home, though, through a phone call. Naturally, this causes Dan and Beth to stress out, and we witness Mike discover her walking the street.

Dan decides to visit Alex since he believes she may be involved. Dan tosses her to the ground, grabs her throat, and while she gasps, he declares that he will go to the FBI to have her arrested. Before leaving, he remarks, “You better hurry up and you’ll have to do it yourself if you want to die.”

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Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – What Did Alex Do to Sophie?

The episode concludes with Dan and Mike eating supper in the present while we witness blood on the floor in Alex’s apartment in the past.

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