Exhibitor Questions & Answers

Q. What are payment terms? 
A. A 50% deposit is due within 30 days of submitting a signed contract. The balance is due within 90 days of making the initial payment. The complete details on payment due dates, cancellation terms, etc., are on the exhibit contract. 

Q. What are exhibit hours, set-up days and times? 
A. Please see the Target Move-In Floor Plan in the Exhibitor Services manual for freight “in your booth” target dates and times according to booth size.  If you receive your freight on October 19, we will allow you to work in the exhibit hall on October 19 to begin your booth installation.  Normal move-in hours are 0800–1700.  If you require additional time outside of the hours, please see the Exhibit Manager Desk in the Exhibitor Services Center (onsite) for approval and Late Work Passes. Preliminary Schedule for Exhibitor Move-in and Set-up: 

Sunday, 20 October 2019           
1200–1700 hrs       
Move-in and Set-up 
(Islands and Peninsulas will have a targeted move-in schedule beginning 0800 hours)

Monday, 21 October 2019          
0700 hrs                                         
Exhibits must be set/complete 

1100–1800 hrs                           
Exhibition hours 

Welcome Reception

Tuesday, 22 October 2019 
0900–1800 hrs                             
Exhibition hours 

Wednesday, 23 October 2019 
0900–1800 hrs                             
Exhibition hours 

Thursday, 24 October 2019 
0900–1800 hrs                             
Exhibition hours 

Friday, 25 October 2019             
0900–1700 hrs                             
Exhibition hours 

1700–2200 hrs     
Exhibits breakdown and move-out 

Q. What comes included in a booth with the base price? 
A. As stated on the Exhibit Contact, the following is included: 

Booth cost includes: Floor Space, Pipe & Drape with 8’ back and 30” side drape, Company Name Sign, up to 3 Exhibitor badges per 10x10 space, plus 1 for each additional 10x10 booth purchased, basic Wi-Fi in exhibition area, Company Exhibitor Profile in IAC 2019 official printed program, event app and online floor plan listing. Note: Carpet is not included & must be rented. 

Q. I’m used to working with booth sizes in meters. What is the sizing in feet? 
A. Please see our meters-to-feet conversion chart here.

Q. Who is the exhibit contractor for IAC 2019? 
A. Our contractor is Arata Expositions, Inc. Companies familiar with exhibiting at our AIAA forums in the United States will recognize that Arata Expo is our exhibit contractor for those events. 

If there are any exhibits-related questions, please contact Robbi Lycett

Q. How many badges do we get included with our booth for our exhibitor staff? 
A. Complimentary badges for exhibit staff are allocated as follows:  three (3) for the initial 10x10 space that you purchase and plus one (1) for each additional 10x10 space. Example: a 20x20 booth (400 sq feet) gets up to 6 badges (3+1+1+1). 

Note: Exhibitor Badges included with booth purchase provide access to the exhibition area, Opening Ceremony, Welcome Reception and the plenary program. Participation and presentation in technical sessions are not included and require registration as a full participant. 

Q. What are costs for other exhibitor items needs such as electric, Internet, labor help, Drayage/ Material Handling rates, etc.? 
A. These details will be provided in the IAC 2019 Exhibitor Service Manual that will be released in March 2019 . 

Q. We are already signed up. Where do I get the login information for the Exhibitor Portal? 
A. Email Paul doCarmo for help.