Does Peter Really Die in The Great Season 3?

The unexpected demise of Peter III, who was played by Nicholas Hoult, is unquestionably the most stunning narrative development from The Great’s third season on Hulu. Rarely has one of the main characters in a popular, well-known TV program been killed off (supposedly) before the season’s conclusion.

Many fans are arguing whether Peter genuinely passes away or if this sensational talking point is merely one clever plot device the writers used to mislead their audience into another season. After all, this is a comedic satire show that occasionally doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Let’s go over the options in more detail. In The Great Season 3, is Peter indeed gone?

What Happens to Peter in The Great Season 3?

Does Peter Really Die in The Great Season 3?

Season 2 of “Peter III” finished in an unexpected place. He had just seen Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning), the husband of his lookalike Pugachev, savagely stab him in the back several times. She was duped into believing she had murdered her husband.

Catherine and Peter make the decision to get married therapy after this altercation that changes their lives. They are unclear about whether they want or can cure their odd romance. The couple’s insane, but ultimately unsustainable, love for one another has been brought to light by the attempted murder.

Even though he professes to love Catherine, Peter resists her during the first half of the season. When Catherine forbids it, he releases his pals; when Catherine forbids dueling; and when Catherine recently forbade murder, he starts a duel. If it serves his aim, he will do anything to undermine her at every opportunity.

Catherine naturally responds by sleeping with an American diplomat and postponing Paul’s ordination to aggravate Peter even more. When Peter borrows Catherine’s troops to invade Sweden, that is the last straw. He desires to once more respect his life and leave an enduring legacy. But Catherine tells him to go back right away.

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How Does Peter Die in The Great Season 3?

Does Peter Really Die in The Great Season 3?

Peter is stopped by Catherine as he enters Sweden near a frozen lake. Peter mounts his horse and rides across the lake to his wife’s side. Catherine uses every tactic at her disposal to persuade Peter to abandon the invasion, but Peter won’t budge.

After telling her he loves her, he crosses the water again. He seems to change his mind around midway through and turns around, probably to give in. Peter plunges into the chilly water below when the ice suddenly breaks under the weight of the King and the horse.

When Grigor rushes to help, it’s already too late. Peter becomes hooked up with the horse and plummets violently to the lake’s bottom. Catherine tells them to return to the palace in disbelief. Hugo uses a telescope to see the same tragedy occurring across the lake, but he continues on to Stockholm.

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Does Peter Really Die in The Great Season 3?

Does Peter Really Die in The Great Season 3?

Following Peter’s passing, Catherine and Grigor experience their own individual mental breakdowns as they try to cope with their excruciating loss. Catherine commands her subjects to crack jokes and hold celebrations, but Grigor also behaves irrationally, killing countless deer and concealing Paul the infant in a cage in the woods.

Everyone who actually witnessed Peter falls under the ice begins to doubt what they have seen, questioning if it was real or a mental trick. For a long time, Catherine denied Peter’s death because of her disturbed conduct because she thought Pugachev, not Peter, had passed away. But this misunderstanding goes away gradually.

Petrov and Elizabeth go back to the water to get Peter’s body. The aunt initially dives into the lake to retrieve Peter’s body, but after finding it, she decides to leave him there. She prefers to go back to the happy days rather than carrying the body back home and upsetting the dead because he appears to be at peace.

Elizabeth is ultimately the only person to see Peter after he has passed away. Peter is never captured by the camera submerged. Elizabeth’s assertions must be taken as truthful. She isn’t the most trustworthy of characters, but even though she frequently manipulates events to further her agenda, lying about Peter’s passing would seem very out of character in this case. She was completely in love with him.

In conclusion, I think Peter perished that day on the ice. Hugo, Grigor, and Catherine were present when Peter slipped through the ice. Even though it was far away, there was no way Peter could have misled them and escaped. Furthermore, why would Peter wish to stage his own demise for what purpose? looks implausible.

To make viewers wonder about Peter’s death, I believe the producers kept some details of it a secret. The twist astounded me, and I struggled to believe it myself. However, there isn’t much proof that Peter is still alive and staged his demise. It was difficult to understand that Peter had passed away, which precisely captures how the characters feel.

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