Doctor Cha Season 1 Episodes 13 and 14 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

As we head towards the final couple of weeks of Doctor Cha, we finally have the confirmation that Jeong-suk will pursue a divorce from the cheating In-ho.

It comes after the resident discovered her husband was reaping the benefits from her disabled parking badge so he could go on his lavish dates with Seung-hi (and have a prime parking space in front of the hospital), confirming to her that he never properly held the correct amount of marital respect.

However, there is a spanner in the works. In-ho, suddenly, collapsed upon hearing his wife’s rationale for divorce, sparking Jeong-suk to garner a large amount of concern for her unconscious husband.

Whether he can use this to his advantage, and take a potential opportunity to woo his wife into forgiveness remains to be seen. Of course, there is the not-so-small matter of Roy Kim too, the handsome professor also seemingly gunning for Jeong-suk‘s affection.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episodes 13 and 14 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

For the rest of the Doctor Chaongoings, look no further:
  • Jung-min was responsible for a patient’s death and struggled to compose himself. Luckily, So-ra and In-ho managed to comfort him into visiting the deceased’s funeral.
  • Ji-Seon’s family is threatening to sue for her death, and In-ho is trying to get Seung-hi to share the blame with Jung-min.
  • I-rang has seen her grades suffer but still holds ambitions of attending art school.
  • In-ho has split up with Seung-hi.
  • Seung-hi is refusing to quit the hospital after being confronted by Jeong-suk and instead wishes the resident would divorce from In-ho, or resign herself.
  • So-ra and Jeong-suk have begun to bond.
  • Roy Kim is upping his game in terms of demonstrating his care for Jeong-suk. Additionally, he is looking for his birth parents.
  • Ji-Seon managed to give birth to a healthy child prior to her death.

Doctor Cha Season 1, Episodes 13 and 14 Release date/time

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 13 will be released on Netflix on May 27, 2023. The usual release time is 4:00 pm (BST), but sometimes this varies.

We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.). Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 14 will air at the same time the next day, May 28. The average length of each episode is 60 to 65 minutes.

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Where to Watch Online

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episodes 13 and 14 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

Viewers worldwide can watch Doctor ChaSeason 1 Episodes 13 and 14 with a subscription to Netflix at the dates and times mentioned above. Apart from its release on Netflix, viewers in South Korea can watch the episode by tuning in to JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST).

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  • In-ho gets desperate and tries to win over Jeong-suk to prevent a divorce.
  • Seung-hi learns of In-ho s situation but becomes unsympathetic. However, she does consider whether to pursue In-ho again.
  • Deok-rye’s health issues become clear, and Seung-hi learns of her ties to Jeong-suk.
  • Seung-hi uses Deok-rye as leverage over Jeong-suk.
  • Jung-min tries to adjust to life at the hospital again but feels the pain of his mistake lingering. So-ra will do everything she can to help, though.
  • I-rang pursues her art school ambitions, free from Eun-seo’s interventions.

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