Doctor Cha Season 1 Episodes 11 and 12 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch?

Doctor Chaepisode 10 ended with Jeong-suk and So-ra forming a bond. Empathy ultimately prevailed for the two, who had previously been very sarcastic toward one another.It had taken a long time for this to happen. So-ra was delighted to assist a fellow employee in reducing tension so that she could calm down after learning of the professor’s unethical actions because she knew Jeong-suk was upset due to In-ho’s affair.

However, Jeong-suk’s future is not without difficulty. The resident still has to deal with the knowledge that In-ho and Seung-hi are the parents of Eun-seo and then decide on that basis.

Will Jeong-suk continue to put her kids’ feelings first? Or will her feelings overpower her and force her to end her relationship with the dishonest In-ho? Given that Jeong-suk will probably soon learn I-rang and Jung-min are aware of the affair, the latter choice would undoubtedly be preferable.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episodes 11 and 12 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch!

Look no farther for the remainder of the Doctor Chaongoings:
  • Seung-hi is putting pressure on In-ho, and asking him to choose whether he will divorce Jeong-suk or not.
  • Eun-seo and I-rang have had a fight based on the former s teasing about their shared father.
  • Roy Kim has encouraged Jeong-suk to prioritize herself, while the resident insists she s staying with In-ho for the sake of her children s peace.
  • Roy Kim has hinted that he wants to find his way into Jeong-suk s heart.
  • In-ho revealed his marriage with Jeong-suk to everyone, changing how the hospital viewed the two. Additionally, this means Jung-min s identity is known too.
  • Jeong-suk has left the marital home and now lives in a dorm.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 11 and 12 Release Date/Time

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episodes 11 and 12 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch!

On May 20, 2023, Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 11 will be available on Netflix. The release timing is typically 4:00 pm (BST), though this can occasionally change.

The schedule has not yet been expected to change, but this occasionally occurs in the K-Drama world. The following day, May 21, at the same time, Doctor ChaSeason 1 Episode 12 will show. The average length of each episode is 60 to 65 minutes.

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Where to Watch Online

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episodes 11 and 12 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch!

With a Netflix subscription, viewers from all around the world can access Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 11 and 12 at the times and dates specified above. In addition to being available on Netflix, the show is also available to South Korean audiences on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST).

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  • Jeong-suk decides she’ll finally confront In-ho and Seung-hi, and tell them she s aware of their affair.
  • Seung-hi, bold as ever, will simply tell Jeong-suk it s In-ho s decision, and that he should choose between them.
  • Jeong-suk starts to consider Roy Kim as a viable romantic option.
  • Roy Kim and Jung-min start to bond on the latter s placement, endearing the professor to Jeong-suk.
  • Jung-min decides to officially reveal his relationship with So-ra to his mother, who will endorse it.
  • I-rang and Eun-seo s rivalry will grow, despite the former s earlier desire to be left alone.

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