Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – What Happens After Ji-Seon’s Death?

This Doctor Cha episode had a lot going on and included some poignancy in addition to its regular themes. We should be in for an amusing final few weeks now that Jeong-suk is determined to pursue a divorce, especially because it appears that In-ho will be left completely alone.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Why Is Ji-Seon Discharged?

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – What Happens After Ji-Seon’s Death?

Despite Jeong-suk’s best efforts to correct both In-ho and Roy Kim, the quarreling duo can’t help but argue further over infidelity and Roy Kim’s potential intent with a married woman. On the eve of her baby’s release, Ji-Seon is informed that she should be admitted to the hospital for a possible intestinal obstruction.

Asa exhausted Eun-seo throws I-rang’s artwork after her bitter academy leaving, and Jung-min permits Ji-seon’s discharge as long as she isn’t unduly concerned about her acute abdominal pains. Seung-hi is desperate to talk to Jeong-suk about the whole event and demands angrily that her adversary vacate her residence or seek a divorce.

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What Happens with Seung-Hi’s Love Life?

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – What Happens After Ji-Seon’s Death?

Seung-hi continues by announcing that she won’t be stepping down and challenges Jeong-suk to take the initiative. Clearly, the adulterous head of family medicine is still clinging to the notion that In-ho was her initial partner because she believes this background is what makes her affair acceptable.

In-ho dismisses Seung-hi’s criticism of him, preferring to speak with him after work, and Jung-min ends up in difficulties. Because Ji-seon is currently in great danger, Roy Kim must be enlisted to perhaps save the life of the young mother who is now thought to have two primary cancers.

In-ho chooses to divorce Seung-hi in order to keep his vow to his wife. Naturally, this choice is not well received, and if the professor insists that he would rather beg Jeong-suk, who he allegedly depended on, for forgiveness, threats are made regarding the potential exposure of this affair.

What Is the Response to Ji-Seon’s Death?

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – What Happens After Ji-Seon’s Death?

Unfortunately, Ji-Seon cannot be saved, and Jung-min is so deeply affected by her death that he almost disappears. I-rang’s mock test results were verified to have been lackluster, which made the situation worse. She is also thought to be somewhat dejected at school. Obviously, In-ho is to blame.

At Ji-seon s funeral, In-ho and Jeong-suk are heavily rebuked, with their son labeled a killer, and allegations of medical malpractice freely slung about for the way the late cancer patient was originally discharged for her stomach pain. So-ra locates the evading Jung-min somewhere.

After the disappointment of hearing In-ho may pin some blame on Seung-hi to avoid Jung-min being held solely culpable for Ji-seon’s death, Jeong-suk emotionally visits the mother of the deceased. Here, the resident opens up about her own close encounter with death before describing how Ji-seon may have wanted her unborn kid to be raised by her parents after she had passed away.

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How Is Jung-Min Comforted?

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – What Happens After Ji-Seon’s Death?

In-ho meets with Jung-min while I-rang is consoled over everything from her studies to the circumstances concerning her parents. Surprisingly, the professor is compassionate towards his son, explaining a situation where his own rookie judgment led to the death of a patient, and offering gentle instructions that this large mistake should be learned from to help even more people. In-ho continues, “That’s how we all become doctors.”

With the support of So-ra, Jung-min plucks up the courage to visit the funeral of the patient he wrongly discharged. Elsewhere, Seung-hi finds out In-ho is responding to Ji-seon’s family s attempts at suing by floating around the idea of her department being partially at fault.

While Jeong-suk is reminded by Roy Kim to look after herself, Seung-hi goes back and forth with In-ho about who is truly at fault for Ji-son’s death. The former admits she’s offended her department is being blamed, whereas the latter insists he’ll only give Jung-min a warning, adding that technically the deceased was a family medicine patient.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Ending Explained

Following Jeong-suk’s help with the memorial service of In-ho’s father, plus the humorous admission from Ae-sim that she has a boyfriend, things get more serious. The adulterous professor is informed his wife wants a divorce because she’s ready to drop the man who hasn’t treated her correctly.

As my husband, you no longer hold any meaning to me, Jeong-suk says, wanting to stick a pin in her hatred for In-ho and move on. Thus, the resident, who reveals her desire to be liberated, confirms her want of separation.

With this in mind, the episode ends with In-ho suddenly collapsing, and Jeong-suk gaining a large amount of concern.

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