Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – How Does Jeong-Suk Find out About Eun-Seo?

Episode 10 of Doctor Cha saw the series return to form with a ton of revelations and some atonements. We appear to be approaching the point where Jeong-suk confronts her husband and Seung-hion about their affair.
Roy Kim, who lately seems to be almost on the sidelines, would be appreciated if this allowed him to be included in the mix as a love interest.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

How Does Jeong-Suk Help Deliver a Child?

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

So-ra feels ashamed as she thinks back to how cruel she had been to Jeong-suk now that everyone at Gusan University Hospital is aware of everything about the In-hos family. Meanwhile, the sober doctors must hastily make arrangements for the delivery of a villager’s (Baek I-yeon) child.

Jeong-suk manages to guarantee I-yeon’s baby boy is born without a hitch by assisting the new mother throughout the process, despite the disorganized bunch of people chosen to provide assistance.

The resident is consequently in a grateful attitude, but Roy Kim is there to sour feelings by raising concerns about his friend’s inaction over In-ho’s affair. Jeong-suk simply responds that she is maintaining the peace for the benefit of her children, who are both going through significant transitions in their lives.

Jeong-suk apologizes to her peers for keeping her marriage a secret while Eun-SEO tries to convince the freshly discharged Seung-hi that her life doesn’t have to be terrible. This appears to elicit conflicting reactions, and So-ra is still not prepared to confront Jung-min.

What Is Seung-Hi S Response to In-Ho S Marriage Being Known in Doctor Cha Episode 10?

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

I-Yeon heartily thanks Jeong-suk for aiding them during the birth of her child while Seung-hi starts the process of moving back to America by listing her real estate. Furthermore, Jung-min makes the initial move to make amends with So-ra only to sabotage it when he asks her to look into the circumstances behind why he withheld his parents’ identities from her.

After hearing In-ho’s halting justification for hastily telling his coworkers about their marriage, Jeong-suk approaches Seung-hi and firmly introduces herself before her family medicine rotation. Seung-hi asks her boyfriend to pick between marrying his wife or her.

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How Does Roy Kim React to The Situation with Jeong-Suk?

Roy Kim purposefully answers Jung-min’s question concerning his friendship with Jeong-suk vaguely the following day, slightly perplexing the local. In-ho is subsequently cautioned about his inability to compete with the well-liked professor as a result.

Roy Kim leaves the farewell celebration for Jeong-suk’s surgery department because he is sick of hearing about In-ho’s purportedly blissful relationship. At the same time, So-ra lets Jung-min’s mother know that even though she now knows about her marriage, she won’t be changing her conduct.

In light of Roy Kim‘s consoling comments, Jeong-suk assures her friend that she will discover the path leading to her happiness on her own. The former housewife’s current top objective is finishing her hospital residency.

There is a hidden treasure in this scene as well. Roy Kim subtly expressed interest in possibly winning Jeong-suk’s heart when she is ready, amidst his passionate encouragement and offers of support.

What Does Jeong-Suk Discover About Her Husband S Affair?

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Further insulting So-ra, Jung-min continues by saying that he wants her to have empathy for others and that he wishes she would consider their future together rather than putting it off because of her busy schedule. In-ho apologizes to Jeong-suk and Seung-hi while intoxicated, prompting Jeong-suk to leave her marital home.

Jeong-suk accepts her husband’s presence at a coffee maker but declines his invitation to visit her dorm because she doesn’t think he’s sincere about it.

This is in response to some advice from her mother about finding a way to forgive In-ho for mistakes because he’s vital as the father of your children. Furthermore, Seung-hi is pleased to put the resident on the spot when she has a difficult day at the family medicine division.

Jeong-suk follows In-ho and Seung-hi as they make their way to the academy as I-rang hurts Eun-seo. The inhabitant is left speechless in this case after quickly learning that her husband has a daughter with his mistress.

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Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Ending Explained

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Jeong-suk returns to the hospital after having a breakdown, but she is unable to enter. So-ra, who is fortunately on hand to assist, offers to take her suffocated coworker about so she may unwind.

Surprisingly, So-ra shows sympathy for In-ho’s affair, which she was previously aware of, in addition to allowing Jeong-suk to open out. The tale comes to a close as the two coworkers embrace as the rain pelts their smiling faces through the open roof of the automobile.

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