Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 Release Date: Latest Updates and Speculations on Release Date!

The most recent chapter of Chainsaw Man gave the narrative a tremendous boost. In addition to advancing the battle between Asa, Denji, and the Falling Devil, it also introduced a new character who has the potential to significantly alter the scope of the narrative moving forward.

Given these facts, it’s not surprising that you want to know as much as possible about the release date and plot of the next chapter. With this release date and spoiler guide for Chainsaw Man Chapter 129, we’ve got you covered.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 Release Date

chainsaw man chapter 129 release date

First things first: Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 is scheduled to be released on the official Shonen Jump app and website on May 9, 2023, at 8:00 a.m. PST and 11:00 a.m. EST.

Despite the weekly publication schedule the series has adhered to over the past few weeks, this is fairly typical for this series. Due to either the time required to create the chapters or the author Tatsuki Fujimoto’s availability, chapter releases are frequently staggered over a bi-weekly schedule.

Almost certainly, the chapter will not be released early on third-party sites. Due to the fact that the series is published digitally rather than in print, there are no proof copies that could be scanned and posted online prior to their official translation.

What Happens in Chapter 129? Explained

chainsaw man chapter 129 release date

Now that this is out of the way, we can speculate on what will occur in Chainsaw Man Chapter 129.

Given the focus and pacing of the preceding chapters, it is safe to assume that Asa and Denji will continue to be the focal point as they endeavor to vanquish the Falling Devil. The appearance of the Chainsaw Devil’s doppelganger provides them with a new opportunity to turn the tables and flee, although it may be some time before they actually manage to defeat this formidable foe.

It is also possible to devote time and effort to fleshing out this new double and explaining their origin, though this is less likely. Fujimoto is unafraid to let plot strands dangle for extended periods of time, so he may delay revealing who this person is and what they desire.

As usual, however, this is all speculation. We won’t know for certain what will occur until the chapter is released in its entirety. You have now completed reading our complete release date and spoiler guide for Chainsaw Man Chapter 129. Check out our related content below for everything from instructional guides to interviews with the dub cast of the Chainsaw Man anime.

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What Happened Previously

chainsaw man chapter 129 release date

In Chapter 128 of Chainsaw Man, Asa, and Denji fought the Falling Devil. As they were about to defeat it, a clone of the Chainsaw Devil appeared and sucked them both into a dark realm. Asa fell unconscious while Denji remained cognizant.

He observed a gate and attempted to approach it, but he was attacked from all sides and suffered injuries to multiple parts of his body. A gigantic demon beheaded him from behind, but he reattached his head. The Falling Devil was standing at the gate when he arrived, telling him to abandon Asa and flee. The devil dubbed him a pervert after he asked permission to take Asa’s butt with him.

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Suddenly, a chainsaw (not Denji’s) decapitated the Falling Devil from behind. He heard a voice coming from behind the door. The voice stated that the Falling Devil had zero tolerance for patrons who did not complete their meals. The source of the voice instructed Chainsaw Man to continue devouring demons until sunrise, as they would not cease until Asa Mitaka was served. So he must continue to combat.

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