Juliette Lewis Net Worth: How She Built Her Impressive Fortune?

Juliette Lewis Net Worth

Juliette Lake Lewis is a famous American vocalist and actress. She is known for portraying eccentric characters, frequently in films with somber themes. In the early 1990s, Lewis became the “it girl” of American cinema, starring in numerous independent and art films. Her honors include Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Lewis … Read more

Alexey Pajitnov: What Is His Net Worth?

Alexey Pajitnov Net Worth

Alexey Pajitnov is a famous video game designer and computer programmer who is best known for developing the classic puzzle game Tetris. Russian-born computer scientist Pajitnov started working for the Soviet Academy of Sciences in the 1980s. He created Tetris in 1984 as part of a project to assess a new computer system. First launched … Read more