Cameron Monaghan’s Relationship Status: Is the Actor Currently Dating Anyone?

Cameron Monaghan started his work when he was still a child. When he was still in grade school, he acted in movies and TV shows like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Winnie the Pooh, and Stuart Little.

Monaghan got the part of Winthrop Paroo in the 2003 TV version of The Music Man, which also starred Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Broderick. He was only nine years old at the time. In recent years, he has played important parts on Shameless and Gotham.

Monaghan’s present girlfriend, Lauren Searle, is just as smart and talented as he is. Here is what we know about her and about Monaghan’s other ex-girlfriends.

Lauren Searle Is Cameron Monaghan’s New Girlfriend

Monaghan likes to do a lot of different things for fun, like dance, playing the guitar, snowboarding, and martial arts. He also makes time for his girlfriend, Lauren Searle, who is a very important person in his life. She is a model who has worked for Heroes Model and Vision Los Angeles. She is also very good at art.


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Searle said on her website that she would rather not be judged only by how she looks. She also wants them to like the other things about her that make her unique. She shows these things about herself in her art.

Searle has been successful as a model in part because she doesn’t let other people tell her who she is. She told Cuup, “I felt like I had to gain weight or lose weight, but neither worked.” Searle even started to question whether she should be a model.

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“But after that, I started getting jobs at my natural size,” she said. That was the most important thing for her: to be herself, even if she had curves. Searle didn’t feel at all at ease when she tried to change herself into what someone else thought she should be.

In September 2020, she and Monaghan made their relationship public on Instagram by posting pictures of themselves relaxing in a big tent with furniture.


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In December 2020, three months later, Searle showed Monaghan’s beautiful pictures of her modeling the SKIMS clothing line.


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From 2017 to 2019, He Went Out with Peyton List

Monaghan has dated models before, so Lauren Searle isn’t the first one. He had been with Peyton List for two years before. The list is an actress and model who has been in movies and TV shows like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days,” “27 Dresses,” “Remember Me,” and “Bunk’d” and “Jessie” from Disney.

Monaghan and List got together because they were both in the same movie. In 2018, they both appeared in Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, a low-budget independent movie.

List told BUILD Series that the players didn’t live like movie stars. Instead, they shared a trailer and stayed in the same hotel in a small town near Vancouver. When everyone worked together every day, they got to know each other very well.


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“We fell in love on the set,” List said about herself and Monaghan. “In the middle of it, Cameron and I started to realize that we liked each other, and we started dating after that.”

In September 2017, they told everyone about their romance. List said that they got along well because Monaghan knew from personal experience what it was like to be an actor and how hard it could be.

“He’s so understanding, which is nice, and I am too,” List said. “We’re always like, ‘If work comes up, that’s fine, that comes first.'”

It is said that List and Monaghan broke up in January 2019. E! News said that the way they broke up seemed nice. They both went to see Anthem of a Teenage Prophet when it opened.

Monaghan and her co-star on Shameless, Ruby Modine, were said to be dating in 2016 and 2017.

It was said that Monaghan also liked actress Ruby Modine. She played Sierra Morton on the show Shameless and was in the horror movie Happy Death Day and its sequel.

Ruby Modine and the Disease is the name of the band that Modine is the lead singer of. Matthew Modine is her father.

In 2015, he reportedly went out with Sadie Newman.

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Newman is a British model who works for Elite Model Management in New York City and WILHELMINA in Los Angeles. She has also tried her hand at performing. Most recently, she was in the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly movie Holmes & Watson, which came out in 2018.

Monaghan Is Not Gay, Unlike the Character He Plays in Shameless


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Some people thought that because Monaghan played a gay character on Shameless, he must be gay in real life, or at least they wondered. In 2011, Vanity Fair asked him about it, and he answered the question straight up.

“I’m not gay myself, but I’m very happy to play a gay character. I’m always happy to help people who are gay. Ian’s part is really great. A part that isn’t normal. I think a lot of teens, especially gay teens, will really connect with the part.

Cameron Monaghan seems to be making a name for himself as a young actor who can play a lot of different parts and does them well. He has been linked to famous actresses and models in a romantic way.

Monaghan doesn’t seem ready to settle down with someone yet, but we’ll keep an eye on him.

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