Bonnie Raitt Illness and Health Journey: Is Singer and Guitarist Sick in 2023?

American blues singer and guitarist Bonnie Raitt is well-known for her soulful vocals and remarkable guitar prowess. With her self-titled debut album, which was favorably welcomed by both reviewers and fans, she initially entered the music scene in 1971.

Her father, John Raitt, was a well-known actor best known for his roles in musical musicals like Oklahoma! and The Pajama Game. Her mother, Marge Goddard, was a pianist. With Scottish origins, Raitt’s music incorporates elements of blues, rock, folk, and country.

Throughout her career, in addition to her solo work, Raitt has also worked with a wide range of well-known musicians, such as Leon Russell, Little Feat, Jackson Browne, The Pointer Sisters, Warren Zevon, and Little Feat. People who are concerned about Bonnie Raitt’s health frequently discuss her health update. They want to know if she is ill or not, as well as the most recent details.

Bonnie Raitt Health and Illness Update

Bonnie Raitt Illness

Following the cancellation of the first leg of her tour with James Taylor due to an unexpected medical issue, Bonnie Raitt recently gave her fans an update on her health. A staff member for Bonnie Raitt thanked the public on Facebook for their encouragement and well wishes.

They also confirmed Bonnie’s progress toward recovery. Bonnie will perform with James Taylor and his All-Star Band on June 22 in St. Paul, Minnesota, according to the announcement. Despite not yet disclosing the specifics of her illness, Bonnie has expressed disappointment over having to cancel shows.

Bonnie Raitt Illness

According to Bonnie’s most recent Facebook post, customers who purchased tickets for the impacted performances may ask for a full refund at the time of purchase. This week, Bonnie Raitt announced via Instagram that “a medical situation” requiring surgery had forced her to cancel her May tour.

Her supporters claimed that in order for her to heal properly, doctors recommended that she take a two-week hiatus from performing. Raitt had to postpone gigs in Athens and Indianapolis and cancel her attendance at Brandi Carlile’s Mothership Weekend.

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Bonnie Raitt: Is She Sick?

The well-known blues singer-songwriter and guitarist Bonnie Raitt has struggled with a number of health concerns over the course of her career. She took a break from the music industry after receiving a Lyme disease diagnosis in 1998 that made it difficult for her to tour and perform.

Bonnie Raitt Illness

After receiving therapy, Raitt made a comeback and recorded several albums, but in 2015, she was forced to postpone certain performances because of excruciating back pain and sciatica, which ultimately necessitated surgery.

She has garnered praise from critics and a devoted following in the blues and rock genres thanks to her deep voice and guitar prowess. Her health issues have only strengthened her will to keep creating music and providing joy to listeners all across the world.

Bonnie Raitt Health

Bonnie Raitt Illness

On April 28th, Bonnie Raitt’s team issued a statement explaining that she had to cancel her tour owing to a medical condition that required surgery. Although the specifics of Raitt’s illness were kept a secret, the statement did mention that she would need some time to recover. She has spent her entire 73 years residing in Northern California.

She should take a few weeks off from performing, according to the doctors, so that her body can heal. She has canceled her appearances at Brandi’s Mothership Weekend and rescheduled her gigs in Pittsburgh, Louisville, Indianapolis, and Athens (GA), respectively.

Bonnie Raitt Surgery

Due to a medical procedure, Bonnie Raitt has postponed her May shows till further notice. According to her Twitter account, her physical condition necessitates surgery, and physicians advise that she take two weeks off from performing so that she can recover. Raitt has made the decision to postpone her appearance at Mothership Weekend with Brandi Carlile.

Bonnie Raitt Illness

Instead, she will reschedule her performances in Louisville and Athens. Additionally, she will reschedule her performances in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis. The new dates for the shows in Louisville and Indianapolis are June 30 and 1, respectively. The concerts in Athens and Pittsburgh, however, won’t be revealed until later.

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