Are Natalie and Todd Still Dating? Where Do They Stand Today?

Natalie Noel and Todd Smith are YouTube celebrities about whom social media users have speculated regarding their relationship status. The couple was previously criticized because admirers and Internet users could not determine who was dating whom.

This article contains all the salacious details about the couple, including whether or not they are still dating.

Who Is Natalie Noel?

Are Natalie and Todd Still Dating?

Natalie Noel, also known as Natalie Mariduena, is David Dobrik’s assistant. Dobrik is a famous YouTuber, personality, and influencer. Natalie has over 5 million Instagram followers and has appeared in multiple David Dobrik videos.

Natalie was also popular for several days after it was rumored she was dating David Dobrik. David Dobrik and Natalie had been friends since childhood and had attended the same secondary school. Fans, observing their relationship and frequent appearances together, believed they were in a romantic relationship.

Who Is Todd Smith?

Are Natalie and Todd Still Dating?

American YouTube celebrity Todd Smith is renowned for posting humorous videos and content. Todd Smith’s YouTube channel has approximately 1,2 million subscribers and over 75 million views.

Todd has approximately 2,4 million followers as a result of his extensive participation on social media platforms. The California-born comedian provides his followers with amusing content through his posts. Prior to their breakup in 2017, Todd Smith was in a relationship with the famous American Carolina Kopf.

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Are Natalie Noel and Todd Smith Still Together?

Are Natalie and Todd Still Dating?

Yes, Natalie and Todd are still in a committed relationship, despite widespread allegations to the contrary. The couple is still going strong. The assistant of Natalie Noel and David Dobrik confirmed that they are dating and that there are no issues in their relationship.

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Natalie and Todd Smith’s Relationship

Are Natalie and Todd Still Dating?

Natalie and Todd’s relationship began when Todd sent Natalie a message expressing his feelings for her and his desire to begin a relationship with her. David Dobrik took a screenshot of the message and posted it on a billboard to his embarrassment.

Shortly thereafter, a photo of the two began to circulate on social media platforms, and admirers began to speculate as to whether they were dating. Then, Natalie appeared in his YouTube video entitled “We have something to Say.”

Nonetheless, the video explained the text on the billboard hoax. However, dating rumors quickly spread across the Internet after admirers spotted them together and the video was made. Their relationship status is also confirmed by the abundance of photos of them on Todd’s Instagram page.

When Did Natalie and Todd Smith Start Dating?

Are Natalie and Todd Still Dating?

It is still unclear when the couple began courting, but he reportedly sent Natalie the message when they did. Additionally, Todd composed a song for Natalie that admirers adored and which confirmed their relationship.

The couple has been sighted sharing pictures on their social media platforms and looks adorable together. Additionally, Todd and Natalie have appeared on numerous occasions together, proving that they are in a relationship.

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