What Does FUBAR Stand for On Netflix?

The lineup of huge Hollywood A-listers making their TV scripted debuts continues with Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in the Netflix comedy thriller FUBAR. It seems that the days of A-list celebrities only appearing on the big screen have been and gone, with many of them following the scripts, and the money, to streaming platforms. The hows … Read more

Turn of The Tide Season 1 Review – Another Predictable Thriller Series

A small village with few opportunities. A group of youngsters blighted by their circumstances, keen to better themselves and their loved ones. An opportunity, perhaps ill-advised, to elevate their position when all other traditional avenues have failed. And, of course, the consequences that follow. Turn of the Tide, a seven-part Portuguese-language Netflix thriller, revels in … Read more

Tin & Tina (2023) Review – An Overwrought Morbid Tale of Nature Versus Nurture

The Spanish psychological horror thriller, Tin & Tina, takes religious zealotry to unabashed new heights. Written and directed by Goya-nominated filmmaker Rubin Stein, it maintains a sense of grounded realism by using divinity as a persuasive force guiding the characters’ lives. However, the film’s excessive running time, a common feature in Spanish horror cinema, overwhelms viewers … Read more

Turn of The Tide Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

Turn of the Tide is an overly familiar bit of genre entertainment about a group of well-intentioned people making the wrong decisions for the right reasons. The reasons are simply better opportunities and better life free from the limitations of their small island village. The well-intentioned people include Eduardo, a fisherman whose father is going … Read more

Where Was FUBAR on Netflix Filmed?

We are definitely living in strange times as far as streaming platform content is concerned. It seems that there has been a floodgate opened that has seen A-list celebrity actors taking roles in scripted TV shows. There was a time when the idea of securing some of these names for TV shows was pie in … Read more

Where Was the Clearing Filmed? Locations Explained

A Clearingon Hulu is an adaptation ofJ.P. Pomare’s book The Clearing. According to The Guardian, the series is a fictionalized account inspired by a cult that operated in the shadows of regional Victoria between the 1960s and 1980s. This eight-part series features Teresa Palmer(Take Me Home Tonight), Miranda Otto (Fires), and Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential). Based on … Read more